Archives: November 2017

October 2017 Market Report

Here are our October 2017 Denver Metro market report.  2017 has been a very different year, the summer was not as crazy with the mega bidding wars and offers in days like we have seen in years past.  With that being said we are all watching the home statistics in Denver very closely.  The October…

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Feeling Thankful during this season of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving, what a great time to sit back and contemplate all the many blessings in our lives. Many of us are so blessed. Blessed to live in this great country that we live in, to have a roof over our heads, to have food on the table, and friends and family to enjoy this life…

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Landscaping Your Way to Better Property Values

Fall is in the air and I simply can’t contain my smile when I catch sight of a kiddo (or mischievous dog) jumping headfirst into a pile of red, gold and fiery orange leaves. The days are perfectly warm, the evenings cool and there is no better time to get out in that yard of…

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