Bizzare October Holidays

It’s October! What To Celebrate This Month:

Bizzare October Holidays:

10/1–Vegetarian Day
10/2–Name Your Car Day
10/3–Virus Appreciation Day
10/4–Toot Your Flute Day
10/6–Come and Take It Day
10/8–American Tag Day
10/9–Moldy Cheese Day
10/10–Angel Food Cake Day
10/11–It’s My Party Day
10/12–Frustration Scream Day
10/14–Be Bald and Free Day
10/15–Grouch Day
10/18–Chocolate Cupcake Day which coincides with Menopause Day
10/21–Babbling Day
10/24–Bologna Day
10/25–Punk for a Day
10/26–Mule Day
10/27–Cranky Co-Workers Day
10/28–Ugly Pick-up Day
10/29–Hermit Day
10/30–Haunted Refrigerator Day

So, which day are you celebrating?